Criminal Alliances in the underhive.

Crime in the Underhive

– Patrick Hope

With the release of the much anticipated enforcers, Necromunda and Lord Helmawr fans alike have received some much anticipated firepower and control within the Underhive. Policing regions and representing the long arm of the law, the Enforcers exist in a strange grey area between something of a personal army for regional lords and a localized policing force tasked with maintaining balance. Stripped of all identity, Enforcers rove the street enacting a strange form of justice to the lawless.

In a world where a human life is worthless, there isn’t much stock put into murder. In-fact the general back and forth of gang violence provides a controllable and calming effect upon the world; a way to occupy the lowest classes and keep them from thinking of things larger than themselves – like revolution. This gentle balance has allowed Lord Helmawr countless decades of peaceful rule. There are, of course several things within the Underhive which will land you in a great deal of trouble. By examining these transgressions we can strip away the veneer of disorder and mayhem and see what truly holds value within an ancient hive. There are several things that will quickly land you in a world of hurt, and staring down the barrel of an Enforcers boltgun.

The Book of Judgement

The latest release from The Necromunda line of Specialist Games, The Book of Judgement provides both the good and the bad. The wonderful new Enforcer miniatures stand at the forefront of the release, but perhaps more interesting are the foils to the police force, the outlaws. The book splits gangs into two essential factions, Law-abiding and Outlaw gangs, provides information for visiting the black market trading post, new Hangers-on, and contains an in-depth narrative campaign structure to field and develop gangs within the expanded environment. Until this point, all of our gangs have been law-abiding gangs. With the release of the book of judgement, we get a peak at the Recidivists, the completely unacceptable and lowest of the lows which can join tenuous relationships with your gangs.

Pax Helmawr

Outlaw factions fall into a few general categories and summarize the more popular criminal networks within Necromunda. Cold Traders, Imperial Imposters, Rogue Factoria, Narco Lords, Fallen Houses, and Psi-syndica. All of these grups can join with your typical Necromunda gang to form a criminal alliance. Typically a criminal alliance provides benefits and draw backs to the gang. The alliance itself needs to be constantly tested, else your new found alliance could abandon you at any point, leaving you high and dry and hunted.
These factions represent members from all levels of society, both on-world and off world, from former high lords, to drug-dealing scum they all add a great deal of flavor to gangs and frankly represent wonderful conversion opportunities for a player looking to create a sub-gang consisting of 1-5 models. Many existing models from various 40k lines will be perfect representations for these figures, but the limits really are you imagination (and perhaps your bitz box.)

Criminal Alliances

Pick an Alliance and get started. Alliances will force you to play certain themed missions and will present you with drawbacks during these missions, but the benifits can be enormous, especially for starting gangs. Depending upon in-game events, you will have to test your alliance directly following a game, typically needing a 7+ to fail completely. The more you stretch your alliance, the lower this number becomes and you risk the basis of your gang itself.

Cold Traders

Fallen rogue traders, hidden xenos void lords, or just a ship captain looking to supplement his income, joining with these guys is a great way to sneak some free xeno tech into your Necromunda gang.

Consisting of 4 models

  • 1 cold trader (St3, T3) sling gun, knife
  • 1 bosun (St2, T3) shotgun, knife
  • 2 hulking void born scum (St5, T5) pistol, knife

Forming this alliance means that your gang instantly becomes an outlaw gang. You will be wanted and hunted, but you get these members for free and reduced cost of of items in the black market trading post. Kroot long rifle, xenos death arc, sling gun, and more amazing technology can be at your fingertips.

Rogue Factoria

Trade in counterfeit goods is popular within the underhive. Some counter fitting is inevitable, but you want to fly under the radar on this one. Helmawr has a limited amount of patience for large scale unregulated weapon production and will make every attempt to shut that down. Joining with a Factoria Work Gang provides you with free workers and cheap weaponry, but your opponent gets to hire a free Bounty Hunter. I guess everything comes at a cost.

Consisting of 5 models;

  • 1 Factoria Overseer (St3, T3) combi plas, shock baton
  • 1 Work Party Boss (St2, T3) las pistol, shock whip
  • 3 Factoria Workers (St3,T3) autogun/autopistol, knife

Forming this alliance means that your gang instantly becomes an outlaw gang. You will be wanted and hunted, but you get these members for free and reduced cost of of counterfeit weapons – a great choice for larger gangs.

Imperial Imposters

In a world where social status in the most important currency, who you are and who you know is literally life and death. Sometimes it isn’t so much about what your social status is, but what others think it is. Fake it until you make it!

Consisting of 1 models;

  • 1 Master Charlatan (St 3, T3) needle pistol, stiletto sword, digi lasers

Forming this alliance doesn’t necessarily mean you are an outlaw gang, the Master Charlatan can protect you from some of the negative effects of being an outlaw gang, while reaping all of the benefits. But beware – someones standing can be fickle and people can turn on you in an instant!

Fallen Houses

Necromunda is built upon the ruthless control from above. Ruled by powerful houses, Lord Helmawr has set the underhive against itself, endlessly battle among rival gangs ensures control, but often the spire must also be purged. When a once powerful house needs to be removed there are often complications…powerful and influential members go deep underground to disappear in the relative safety offered by the anonymity of the hive, joining with outlaw gangs to ensure they live one more day.

Consisting of 1 model;

  • 1 Rebel Lord (St 3, T3) EITHER: 2 master crafter las pistolds, stilletto sword, OR bolt pistol, thunder hammer

Allying with a Fallen House can bring you a great deal of benefits, including free access to a rebel lord and a chance to earn more credits during each mission, however understand that your gang is just a means to an end, and the Rebel Lord will siphon credits from your stash win or lose. Should you run out…you will certainly be abandoned in their quest to return in glory and power to the spire.


Lord Helmawr answers to no one on Necromunda. Off world, however is another matter. Imperial tithes must be paid and no tithe is as important as the cull and capture of psykers to fuel and power the nature of the Imperium.

Psykers are so valuable and important within the daily operation of the Imperium, that to harbour a rogue psyker is among the most heinous of crimes. Dangerous and deadly, the benefits of having a psyker in your army are immense. The consequences of being caught protecting a rogue psyker are disastrous.

Consisting of 1 model;

  • 1 Mind-locked Wyrd (St 3, T3)

Allying with a PSI-Syndica can bring you a great deal of benifits, including a free psyker, but there is a chance that this psyker will drive other members of your gang insane, leaving them out of a game. In addition, gang members can be injured between games as they attempt to handle and control the psykers powers.

Create your criminal allies now and have them join us in October at The Bolter Hole for the kick off to our Law and Misrule Necromunda campaign.