So you want to start a new Warhammer army…?

Warhammer 40,000 Ork Army

Badmoon Orks

You have spent some time poking around and asking questions and watching some tabletop games. You are ready to make the plunge…. So, where do you start when it comes down to starting a new army?

Great question.


You have questions?

But before we answer your question we need to ask you some questions… What are you looking for? When you are thinking about games do you prefer a quick, aggressive style or do you like the idea of a longer tactical event? That matters. If you start purchasing an army that requires 100+ models to build and paint and then you discover you don’t enjoy the way a hoard army plays, that information matters.

Are you concerned about the “cool” factor of the army? Do you want the army to look awesome when arrayed against the enemy on a table? That matters. Most armies really have a great look with some amazing painting schemes, but you need to look at army colors and schemes before you make a choice so you are enjoying the entire painting process.

Blood Angels

Blood Angels are beautiful!

Are you looking to buy a full army from day one? That matters because some factions are not fully developed and don’t have that full army feel. We have no idea what the release schedule looks like and it could be a while before you get the models you want to finish the army. For example, Ossiarch Bonereapers are a new skeleton/undead army. They have loads of cool models from cool characters to artillery to Endless Spells…. but Fyreslayers (who are also cool) only have a handful of choices for their army. Both can field entire 2000 point lists… but Ossiarch’s have a better army feel.

Ossiarch Bonereapers

Undead has a new look!

Are you looking to get into an army fairly cheaply? Or is money not really an obstacle for your army build? Some armies have terrific army boxes with built in discounts. Other armies you need to grab a start collecting box as a base and build from there… For instance, every holiday GW releases holiday boxes for loads of armies. These holiday boxes have a huge chunk of an army for around 30% off the regular prices. It makes starting a new army terrifically inexpensive!

Feast of Bones

Dual army box – Bonereapers and Ogor Mawtribes

So when you are building up to starting a new army there are a lot of considerations. But it really comes down to what you want and how you imagine yourself playing. Come down to the store and talk to someone and we can help you figure out what army fits you the best!

Bolter Hole

The Bolter Hole – Massachusetts Gaming Store!

One Year Anniversary!

The Bolter Hole 1 Year Anniversary


The Bolter Hole turns One Year Old on Sunday December 1, 2019!

One year! That is so amazing and exciting!

One year of exciting Magic the Gathering Commander games!

One year of Friday Night Magic!

One year of MtG Modern every Sunday!

FNM and More

One year of Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar!

Warhammer Tournament

One year of Necromunda!

Necromunda Campaigns

Plus so many other games! We brought in some Keyforge which is a terrific game… but it sort of faded… we brought in Warhammer Apocalypse! We have a huge collection for Warcry and Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis and Warhammer Underworlds…  We have recently brought in Monsterpocalypse and Marvel Crisis Protocol.

We created a board game library so you can test out board games before you buy them…

We spend the last year working towards being the best Gaming Store in Massachusetts! I mean we have the best gaming community a Friendly Local Game Store could ask for, we really do. And the real truth is that we could not have made this first year so successful without such a great group of people here to share our store with.

We can honestly say we are blessed and we are super excited to start year number two working with such a great community! Thank you all so much!

Criminal Alliances in the underhive.

Crime in the Underhive

– Patrick Hope

With the release of the much anticipated enforcers, Necromunda and Lord Helmawr fans alike have received some much anticipated firepower and control within the Underhive. Policing regions and representing the long arm of the law, the Enforcers exist in a strange grey area between something of a personal army for regional lords and a localized policing force tasked with maintaining balance. Stripped of all identity, Enforcers rove the street enacting a strange form of justice to the lawless.

In a world where a human life is worthless, there isn’t much stock put into murder. In-fact the general back and forth of gang violence provides a controllable and calming effect upon the world; a way to occupy the lowest classes and keep them from thinking of things larger than themselves – like revolution. This gentle balance has allowed Lord Helmawr countless decades of peaceful rule. There are, of course several things within the Underhive which will land you in a great deal of trouble. By examining these transgressions we can strip away the veneer of disorder and mayhem and see what truly holds value within an ancient hive. There are several things that will quickly land you in a world of hurt, and staring down the barrel of an Enforcers boltgun.

The Book of Judgement

The latest release from The Necromunda line of Specialist Games, The Book of Judgement provides both the good and the bad. The wonderful new Enforcer miniatures stand at the forefront of the release, but perhaps more interesting are the foils to the police force, the outlaws. The book splits gangs into two essential factions, Law-abiding and Outlaw gangs, provides information for visiting the black market trading post, new Hangers-on, and contains an in-depth narrative campaign structure to field and develop gangs within the expanded environment. Until this point, all of our gangs have been law-abiding gangs. With the release of the book of judgement, we get a peak at the Recidivists, the completely unacceptable and lowest of the lows which can join tenuous relationships with your gangs.

Pax Helmawr

Outlaw factions fall into a few general categories and summarize the more popular criminal networks within Necromunda. Cold Traders, Imperial Imposters, Rogue Factoria, Narco Lords, Fallen Houses, and Psi-syndica. All of these grups can join with your typical Necromunda gang to form a criminal alliance. Typically a criminal alliance provides benefits and draw backs to the gang. The alliance itself needs to be constantly tested, else your new found alliance could abandon you at any point, leaving you high and dry and hunted.
These factions represent members from all levels of society, both on-world and off world, from former high lords, to drug-dealing scum they all add a great deal of flavor to gangs and frankly represent wonderful conversion opportunities for a player looking to create a sub-gang consisting of 1-5 models. Many existing models from various 40k lines will be perfect representations for these figures, but the limits really are you imagination (and perhaps your bitz box.)

Criminal Alliances

Pick an Alliance and get started. Alliances will force you to play certain themed missions and will present you with drawbacks during these missions, but the benifits can be enormous, especially for starting gangs. Depending upon in-game events, you will have to test your alliance directly following a game, typically needing a 7+ to fail completely. The more you stretch your alliance, the lower this number becomes and you risk the basis of your gang itself.

Cold Traders

Fallen rogue traders, hidden xenos void lords, or just a ship captain looking to supplement his income, joining with these guys is a great way to sneak some free xeno tech into your Necromunda gang.

Consisting of 4 models

  • 1 cold trader (St3, T3) sling gun, knife
  • 1 bosun (St2, T3) shotgun, knife
  • 2 hulking void born scum (St5, T5) pistol, knife

Forming this alliance means that your gang instantly becomes an outlaw gang. You will be wanted and hunted, but you get these members for free and reduced cost of of items in the black market trading post. Kroot long rifle, xenos death arc, sling gun, and more amazing technology can be at your fingertips.

Rogue Factoria

Trade in counterfeit goods is popular within the underhive. Some counter fitting is inevitable, but you want to fly under the radar on this one. Helmawr has a limited amount of patience for large scale unregulated weapon production and will make every attempt to shut that down. Joining with a Factoria Work Gang provides you with free workers and cheap weaponry, but your opponent gets to hire a free Bounty Hunter. I guess everything comes at a cost.

Consisting of 5 models;

  • 1 Factoria Overseer (St3, T3) combi plas, shock baton
  • 1 Work Party Boss (St2, T3) las pistol, shock whip
  • 3 Factoria Workers (St3,T3) autogun/autopistol, knife

Forming this alliance means that your gang instantly becomes an outlaw gang. You will be wanted and hunted, but you get these members for free and reduced cost of of counterfeit weapons – a great choice for larger gangs.

Imperial Imposters

In a world where social status in the most important currency, who you are and who you know is literally life and death. Sometimes it isn’t so much about what your social status is, but what others think it is. Fake it until you make it!

Consisting of 1 models;

  • 1 Master Charlatan (St 3, T3) needle pistol, stiletto sword, digi lasers

Forming this alliance doesn’t necessarily mean you are an outlaw gang, the Master Charlatan can protect you from some of the negative effects of being an outlaw gang, while reaping all of the benefits. But beware – someones standing can be fickle and people can turn on you in an instant!

Fallen Houses

Necromunda is built upon the ruthless control from above. Ruled by powerful houses, Lord Helmawr has set the underhive against itself, endlessly battle among rival gangs ensures control, but often the spire must also be purged. When a once powerful house needs to be removed there are often complications…powerful and influential members go deep underground to disappear in the relative safety offered by the anonymity of the hive, joining with outlaw gangs to ensure they live one more day.

Consisting of 1 model;

  • 1 Rebel Lord (St 3, T3) EITHER: 2 master crafter las pistolds, stilletto sword, OR bolt pistol, thunder hammer

Allying with a Fallen House can bring you a great deal of benefits, including free access to a rebel lord and a chance to earn more credits during each mission, however understand that your gang is just a means to an end, and the Rebel Lord will siphon credits from your stash win or lose. Should you run out…you will certainly be abandoned in their quest to return in glory and power to the spire.


Lord Helmawr answers to no one on Necromunda. Off world, however is another matter. Imperial tithes must be paid and no tithe is as important as the cull and capture of psykers to fuel and power the nature of the Imperium.

Psykers are so valuable and important within the daily operation of the Imperium, that to harbour a rogue psyker is among the most heinous of crimes. Dangerous and deadly, the benefits of having a psyker in your army are immense. The consequences of being caught protecting a rogue psyker are disastrous.

Consisting of 1 model;

  • 1 Mind-locked Wyrd (St 3, T3)

Allying with a PSI-Syndica can bring you a great deal of benifits, including a free psyker, but there is a chance that this psyker will drive other members of your gang insane, leaving them out of a game. In addition, gang members can be injured between games as they attempt to handle and control the psykers powers.

Create your criminal allies now and have them join us in October at The Bolter Hole for the kick off to our Law and Misrule Necromunda campaign.

Warhammer Apocalypse Through the Ages

Apocalypse is coming… again…

If you are new to Warhammer 40,000, Apocalypse is wargaming on a scale that is seen in the novels. Gigantic battles that are not determined by a few squads and tanks… but are decided by regiment after regiment of infantry and columns of tanks and titanic warmachines that unleash terrifying firepower.

Apocalypse brings entire collections of miniatures to a table, what would amount to tens of thousands of points of models in standard games.

Apocalypse games have been around for a while, so let’s take a look back to where it all started!


Before we had Warhammer Apocalypse in any real format… We had Forge World. Forge World created unique tanks variants based off the Leman Russ and Chimera chassis and the first Baneblade model. The published Imperial Armour books that presented the first Super Heavy Tank and flyer rules. Initially, Forge World’s tank variants allowed Imperial Guard players to add some much needed depth to their armies… It wasn’t just Imperial Guard though, Orks, Eldar, and Dark Eldar got additional tanks and flyers to add to their armies. This was the age of the Gargantuan Squiggoth and Battle Fortress and Eldar Vampire Raider… But adding depth and cool models for games, did not Apocalypse make…

Apocalypse is born

Apocalypse as we know it today was first born in 2007 with a larger than life hardback rule book with rules for Baneblades, Stompas, and formations for various armies (though not much for Dark Eldar or Necrons who had precious little support in 2007). Apocalypse had a ton of focus on Forge World monsters and model conversions. Much of the first rule book showcased models that were converted for the game. Another key component of this book was the huge fold out pages which had photos of giant in studio battles and tables. This format allowed GW to delve into megabattles from the lore… like the Battle of Cold Steel Ridge, where the Ultramarines fought against the Tyranid Horde… a game worth over 20,000 points. Additionally, the book dug into some really obscure background for battles and armies… including the only known reference to the Tau mercenary force the Morralian Deathsworn… And somehow Captain Stern took down multiple Bloodthirsters and Abaddon… Truly an amazing book for its time.

Reloaded – 2008

In 2008, we saw a follow up with Apocalypse Reload. While the primary purpose of this book was to bring everything in line with the newly released 5th edition of Warhammer 40,000, this book alos continued its focus on building out rules for conversions and included such amazing things as Ork Pulsa Rokkits and Necron Doomsday Phalanx and Khorne Tower of Skulls… The ability to convert models for the game created a lot of dynamic models and cool themes in armies. And the conversions coming out of the general GW studio for everyone to emulate created a culture of real creativity. This was the age of scratchbuilt Gargants and websites and forums dedicated to creating cool miniatures. TheWaaagh forum was a place for Ork players to go to learn about building Ork vehicles before Orks had much at all… ever hear the term “Moar Rivitz?” it was born from this age of gaming.

Forge World’s Additions

While GW proper was producing Apocalypse books for crafty converters… Forge World produced Imperial Armour Apocalypse books that sold their products. In 2007 the Forge World IA Apocalypse we saw vehicles with their Forge World upgrade kits and resin models. Tanks like the Macharius and Malcador variants made their debut in these pages for Apocalypse. Flyers and gunships entered the fray and the Tau Manta entered into our collective gaming brain. The Manta… a model so large you could have a battle on top of it… an airship that transported transports… no joke… The Manta had room to carry up to four Devilfish plus battlesuits and up to 48 additional infantry models… What a glorious day to be a gamer… Tau saw a sort of glorious birth during this time – they got sensor towers and sentry turrets and Remora Drones and Tetra Speeders and the first iteration of the Piranha before it became a plastic kit.

In 2009, Forge World continued their expansion with Imperial Armour Apocalypse II. In this book we got a ton of new Imperial vehicles (most of which came from the Siege of Vraks books) and the Reaver Battle Titan. People had scratch built large titan before… and Armorcast/Epicast had made a Reaver Titan in the past… but the Reaver Titan that arrived in IA Apocalypse II was a sight to behold. Even Orks were getting a resergence during this time, with the release of their “Kill” tanks (Kill Krusta, Kill Bursta) and the Big Trakks and Mega and Mekka Dreads. Ultimately, it was a time of real ingenuity in the development of the large scale game, especially because the support of many of the smaller scaled games (Epic, Battlefleet Gothic, Titanicus, Warmaster) were dwindling.

6th Edition Apocalypse – 2013

As the rules of Warhammer 40,000 evolved and editions changed we got adjustments to Apocalypse. In 2012, 6th Edition Warhammer 40,000 arrived an encouraged us to continue using the older books to organize games, until 2013 when a new Apocalypse rulebook hit the shelves! This book had a different feel than previous books. There were no weird conversions or crazy terrain… or any unit that did not have a model. In fact, if you had played Apocalypse from the beginning, there was a lot missing from this update. Though there were some really neat additions to the range as the Khorne Lord of Skulls and the Necron Tesseract arrived, effectively bringing Necrons into the land of superheavies (without paying for Forge World resin). They also spent some time examining Armageddon, and had a collector’s book that separated it out as it’s own book.

Something else happened in 2012-2013, the release of Apocalypse War Zones. There were four books in total (in addition to the Armageddon book from the collector’s edition): Damnos, Pandorax, Valedor, and Damocles. Each book took a magnifying glass to major battles throughout the Imperium and created a campaign and datasheets to use for each warzone. Damnos followed the Ultramarines as they struggled to clear a newly awakened tomb world of Necrons. Pandorax explored a large and varied force of Imperial Armies arrayed against a Chaos incursion. Damocles saw the Raven Guard and White Scars fighting against the Tau, with the first Imperial Knight models striding across the tabletop to battle against the Riptide. Valendor focused on Eldar and Dark Eldar joining forces to repel the insatiable Tyranids. These small Warzone books had around 70 pages and served to really look into the forces and history that led to an important event in Imperial history. Really great additions to the game.

Big games come to small tables

Additionally, Escalation came out in late 2013, which allowed players to begin using large models (normally for Apocalypse) in regular games. Suddenly players began worrying about random “pick up games” with people turning into massacres as Baneblades and Khorne Lord of Skulls had potential to appear in standard games. New phrases entered our collective vocabulary… “Looking for a 2000 point game, no Superheavies…”

Today’s Apocalypse

Now, 2019, we are seeing the rebirth of Apocalypse in 8th edition. In the new edition, Apocalypse is a completely separate game and uses none of the Warhammer 40,000 rules. In fact, some might say it looks a bit similar to old Epic… Units stay until they are totally removed with wound counters… activation of units bounce back and forth… infantry are getting movement trays… the scuttlebutt is that a large scale game can be played in hours, not days… We don’t know for certain as the release is still a week away, but you can take a look for yourself at the Games Workshop Apocalypse Website (where you can download your faction rules for free!)

What are your thoughts? Did I miss something?

What are your plans for the next step of Apocalypse?

Why terrain matters

One of the most exciting parts of wargaming is actually ponying up to a table, setting up a battle, and playing a game. After the game everyone talks about strategy and epic in game moments and what could have changed the outcome of the battle. Just one of the many great things about wargaming!

You want to know what people don’t want to talk about? Terrain. People don’t include terrain in their conversations about the game because people are focused on their heroes and units doing really well or really poorly. The terrain is in place to create an environment for gaming. Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar need terrain – but the focus is on the armies each player is using in the battle.

Terrain is there to fulfill a singular purpose, to help generate a visual environment to tell the story of player’s armies.

A game store has a responsibility to provide as many varied and complete battlefields as possible for the enjoyment of its community. Some might say the community is responsible for the care and upkeep of the terrain and tables… but that is not really true. The store has a responsibility to maintain the terrain and if it gets damaged (which will happen because people are using it) people can come together to work on it or not. The store bears the full responsibility to managing the load of terrain and repair. The Bolter Hole works on terrain and models regularly to ensure the terrain is in good shape and ready for regular play.

Currently we maintain about 20 different tables, with 6 or 7 tables ready at all time. We have more terrain for Warhammer 40,000 than we do for Age of Sigmar, but that is shifting as we build and paint more terrain for our Age of Sigmar tables. Come down and play, but please, don’t worry about the terrain. It’s our job!

June 13th Newsletter

I send out an email every week to keep people up to date on store events and happenings!
You can sign up for the email here

First, let me apologize for the lateness of the Weekly email. We have had so much going on that I have found it difficult to carve out time to organize the week. We just finished another successful Magic Pre-release, received the entire new GW paint line, and are organizing for a huge Iron Commander even and weekend Age of Sigmar tournament… so we have a lot going on at the shop.

Let’s take a look at these things in more detail!

Magic the Gathering Modern Horizons – This Friday will see the general release for Modern Horizons. We had a blast at the pre-release and this set looks to add some great depth to your decks!

Games Workshop Paints! We have fully expanded the GW paint line! We literally have everything! We have the expanded base, layer, and dry ranges, as well as the new Air range and Contrast paints (all with the standard 20% off MSRP). Contrast Paints will release on Saturday at 11am! We have put some limits to ensure as many people as possible get access the first weekend (4 total paints, no more than 1 of each color)! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Saturday 11am opening – Iron Commander – Like Iron Chef… but with Magic Cards! 10$ Entry – Each player will receive a bag of cards that includes a two colored legendary creature, 6 bulk rares, and a dual land. Every player will then have an hour to sift through bags of color sorted bulk and an additional 30 minutes to build and sleeve the deck. There will be a secret ingredient. Decks will remain at the store and all entry costs will go towards prize support.

Father’s Day is coming soon and there is no better gift for the Gamer Dad in your life like a Bolter Hole Gift Certificate! Stop by anytime to grab one at the counter!

Starting June 19th we are kicking off our Summer Warhammer Club for youth! Wednesdays and Fridays from 1-4pm youngsters (ages 7-15) can come by and learn about miniatures gaming and assembling and painting models. There will be a small daily fee to account for materials and there will be no commitment, youngsters can come as often or infrequently as they wish. Stop by and speak to Jack for any additional details.

The Bolter Hole Weekly Schedule:

*Free open gaming is available any time the shop is open. Our space is a community space.

Wednesday June 12:

KillTeam: We are playing some Killteam (Warhammer 40,000 skirmish game)Wednesdays. Come down and learn to play or just grab a game! 6-10pm

Hobby Night – We provide access to paints and hobby supplies so you can build or paint models for your own collection. We have a great crowd with a ton of experience so you can ask any questions – come down anytime between 4-8pm

Let us know if you are interested in a specific board game and we will get a demo copy and give it a try!

Thursday June 13:

D&D night 5-8pm – Our regular Dungeon Masters will be ready to go with the continuing adventures! Both of the current campaign groups are currently full, but we are planning to expand to a 3rd group, so come by, hang out, see the groups, and ask about 5th Edition D&D.

Friday June 14:

Friday Night Magic! Free Standard 7pm – Draft 7pm – Commander 8:00pm – Come down and prove your mettle and your card slinging skills with some new War of the Spark boosters!

Warhammer 40,000 Vigilus Ablaze Narrative Campaign: Join us Friday night for some great games of 40k! Bring what ever amount you have for your army and we will get you a game! Match ups begin at 7pm!

Saturday June 15: Doors open at 11am on Saturday!

Magic the Gathering: Iron Commander 10$ Entry: Like Iron Chef… but with Magic Cards! Each player will receive a bag of cards that includes a two colored legendary creature, 6 bulk rares, and a dual land. Every player will then have an hour to sift through bags of color sorted bulk and an additional 30 minutes to build and sleeve the deck. There will be a secret ingredient. Decks will remain at the store and all entry costs will go towards prize support!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar 1500 point tournament! WWe are hosting our first Age of Sigmar Tournament and looking forward to seeing everyone! Bring your matched play, 1500 point lists and get ready for a day of fun!

Contrast Paint Release!

Sunday June 9:

MtG Modern: 1pm start. 10$ buy in! The more the merrier! We are loving the participation in our Modern events on Sunday and the prize pool grows with every new face, so come down and join in for some fun and exciting games of Modern!

Paint and Hobby Day Celebration!! – We are thrilled to have expanded our paint line to the full Games Workshop range! To celebrate we are having a hobby day! Come down and bring your miniatures and paint or assemble and hang out and paint. Pizza and Wings will be provided!

Mark your Calendar for these upcoming events-
This is the section where we highlight some of our future events!

Warhammer Kill Team Casual Tourney – June 22
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Skirmish Day long Campaign – June 23
Warhammer 40,000 Tanks for the Memories – Tank Battle Event June 29
Warhammer Underworlds Casual Tournament – June 30
Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Magic in Me – A Wizard event! July 6
Warhammer Necromunda – July 7
Warhammer 40,000 2000 point Tournament – July 13

Magic the Gathering
Draft on Demand – bring any group of 4 people and we will kick off a casual draft any time.
Oathbreaker Tournament June 29
2020 Core Set prerelease July 6 – 7
Commander 2019 release – August 23

GW Pre-Orders:

Next week will see the release of the Age of Sigmar General’s Handbook and June White Dwarf!

General’s Handbook – 35$
June White Dwarf – 9$

We have been working really diligently at the store to build our consignment sales and create a great place for people to buy and sell their products. We offer consignment at the shop as well as listing items on eBay for people. Jack also offers an assembly service for those extra models or full armies you are trying to get finished. Don’t hesitate to ask about any of these services!

Apologies for the late Newsletter and we look forward to seeing you at the shop!

-Olivia, Paul and Jack

What it means to be a Community Gaming Store

It is no secret that we want to be the best game store in the region. A lofty goal, we know, but how do we get there?

There are many answers to that question… and the truth is we don’t really know.

That seems an awfully lot like a cop out… but it’s true. Some folks exude confidence and they seem to know just the right thing to do in any given situation… That’s not us…. We have been grinding out every week, every month since we have opened.  Owning a game store is definitely not easy. But you know what… it is incredibly rewarding.

We come into the store every day and get to see people playing games. We are privileged to help people have fun and it brings us joy to see a store full of people enjoying their hobbies.

So where do we start with creating an amazing game store? Simple answer? Customers. The community evolves, it ebbs and flows, it is flexible. A game store is always a reflection of its community. We need to be able to adapt to the changing demands of the community and that requires listening and flexibility. This is why we are open and responsive on social media and email, to ensure all customers have a voice. We have created a store board game library for customers to try out new games in store for free and we allow customers access to painting and modeling supplies while building in the store. And we are ready and willing to do more, just ask us!

Another aspect to creating a great game store is cleanliness.  We all know that games stores can quickly become a hoarders paradise… piles of games and stacks of boxes in a corner… But as a former Marine, Jack likes everything to have a place and we want there to be a general sense of cleanliness. It is important to clean the bathrooms and to vacuum the floors regularly and remove the garbage when it fills.  Our goal is to ensure the store maintains a sense of cleanliness at all times.

Communication is another key component. We have all known a person who would get so anxious about bad news that they would avoid saying anything until weeks had gone by… We want to avoid that. So if there is an error or a mistake that we have made, or an order that didn’t come in, we will tell you. Good news or bad… because bad news doesn’t get better a week later.

There is another side though… the side customers don’t see. There are occasionally times when we need to make hard decision about things that occur in the store. We have to make decisions about ensuring we are maintaining a space that is safe and clean and respectable. We make those decisions and don’t publish them, but with make those decisions so that our store can be a safe, fun, and respectful place for everyone.

Nobody needs extra stress about their fun. Fun should stay fun and it is my job to facilitate getting you your hobby and gaming supplies with as little fuss as possible. We want you to come in and let us stress about the not fun stuff, so you are able to have as much fun as possible.

Thanks again!

March 19th Store Newletter

Below is this week’s email newsletter. We send this out once a week with information about the happenings at The Bolter Hole. If you are interested in getting this weekly update (and qualifying for a random 30$ store credit monthly drawing) sign up for the newsletter here!

Here goes!

We have been extra busy this past week with some great stuff. Paul and Olivia went to GAMA in Reno and are going to be back this week with tons of information and some neat goodies! Also, we had the carpets cleaned in the store on Sunday night. We are looking forward to another big week at the store.

We are always looking for new ideas and items to bring into the shop, so if you are looking for a specific game or product line, let us know and we will see if is something we have access to!

Here comes the weekly schedule!

The Bolter Hole Weekly Schedule:

*Free open gaming is available any time the shop is open. Our space is community space.

Wednesday March 20:

Board Game Demo: Sitting Ducks Gallery – As ducks float down the gallery, you attempt to keep your ducks alive, while trying to knockout everyone else’s ducks. This is a fun, quick game for 2-6 players. You can stop in anytime between 5-8pm

Hobby Night – We provide access to paints and hobby supplies so you can build or paint models for your own collection. We have a great crowd with a ton of experience so you can ask any questions – come down anytime between 4-8pm 

Open Gaming –  Our tables are open for any gaming you are interested in. You can set up a game in one of our Facebook groups or bring in a friend to play. We don’t have table fees and you are welcome to come down anytime. 12-8pm

Let us know if you are interested in a specific board game and we will get a demo copy and give it a try!

Thursday March 14:

D&D night 5-8pm – Our regular Dungeon Masters will be ready to go with the continuing adventures! Both of the current campaign groups are currently full, but we are planning to expand to a 3rd group, so come by, hang out, see the groups, and ask about 5th Edition D&D.

Friday March 15:

Magic the Gathering Commander 8:00pm – Come down and prove your mettle and your card slinging skills! All Friday participants enter in the Friday night rankings to see who will be the monthly champion! 10$ entry!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Narrative Campaign: The Isles of Argentinium – Week 4 of our AoS Campaign – bring any amount of points for your fantasy army and fight in the Realm of Metal. Match ups begin promptly at 7pm!

Saturday March 16:

Magic the Gathering: Ravnica Allegiance Showdown -10$ entry, 2 pm start!  

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team – We are continuing our bi-weekly Kill Team for March and April – Bring down any 100 points of Kill Team and have some fun. At the end of the April we have some great prizes to give out, as well as special game cards just for coming in. We will be matching folks up based on the number of people who arrive each Saturday and multiple games are encouraged. 

Sunday March 17:

Magic the Gathering Modern: 1pm start. 10$ buy in! The more the merrier! We are loving the participation in our Modern events on Sunday and the prize pool grows with every new face, so come down and join in for some fun and exciting games of Modern!

Keyforge Open Play Sunday: 1pm start. 

Warhammer 40,000 Speed Freaks! – Come down and join us as we race around in our Ork buggies and bikes, while trying to survive in this wacky race style game. We have 4 buggies and tons of bikes for you to use as you learn how to play this great game! 1-4pm

Other March events-

I wanted to highlight some of our longer term events! On Saturdays  though March and April we are holding our biweekly Urban Conquest Campaign and Kill Team events! Come down and roll some dice!

Sundays are full of events as well, we will be playing Speed Freaks this Sunday and as a giant finale for the month of March, we are hosting a gigantic Necromunda Survival Horror event on March 31st.

Additionally, we are supporting the Blackstone Library for an April Magic event on Thursday April 11th. This is a get started event with some “learn to play” from 4-5pm and a short tournament after, with some prize support from The Bolter Hole. Check it out if you can!

GW Pre-Orders:

This Saturday will see the pre-orders for the Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Space Marines, the Vigilus Ablaze campaign book, and several Warhammer horror books. This is the first of a couple weeks of Chaos releases. These releases fit in amazingly with the Shadowspear box set that was just released, but it is likely the Shadowspear box will sell out, so let us know if you want a box to plan for this amazing release for Chaos. The Vigilus Ablaze book will bring the Vigilus campaign forward and expand the rules for Khorne Daemons in Warhammer 40,000 and will include the Datasheets needed for you Chaos forces if you already have the first Chaos Space Marine Codex.

Warhammer 40,000
Abbadon – 60$
Chaos Space Marines – 60$
Vigilus Ablaze – 50$
Codex Chaos Space Marines – 40
Noctolith Crown Terrain – 50$
Data cards – 15$
Chaos dice – 20$

Scourge of Fate Hard Back – 27$
Maledictions – Horror Anthology Paperback- 16
Wicked and the Damned Paperback- 16$
Iron Warriors Omnibus Paperback – 18$
Perdition’s Flame – Audio Book – 17.5

Other items of note – 

If you are interested in learning to play a game (Warhammer, Magic, or other games), let us know and we can set up a time to do a small demo for you (no charge or fees)!

Ravnica Allegiance is the newest Magic set – but we are starting to take numbers for pre-release for War of Spark which will be coming in May. We also have a ton of 1$ super mystery packs for people who want to do some casual drafts! Remember, we buy and sell Magic singles, so come down and take a look at our extensive Magic singles collection!

If you know someone who is thinking about starting an after school club for Magic or Warhammer, please let us know. We are currently looking to reach out to support local school groups!

We look forward to seeing you at the shop!

Games Workshop and the Worlds of Warhammer

I have been playing Games Workshop games for over 25 years and I have realized a few things, most importantly that there are a lot of Games Workshop games and information out there. So I thought this might be a good time to delve into various ways to enjoy Games Workshop and the Worlds of Warhammer.

So What is Games Workshop?

Games Workshop is the parent company that creates Warhammer games. Theses games are many and varied and the company encapsulates books, hobby supplies, rules, games, plastic miniatures, and much more. The company started many years ago with a few people and a desire to make some cool miniatures and grew into one of the best companies in the UK last year. Suffice to say, they are doing some awesome stuff these days.

What games are you talking about?

I am glad you asked…. There are 2 primary games and a ton of games the exist inside the basic two games. Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar are the two primary games. These two games are miniature games, where players come to a table with two armies and battle on the table for various objectives. Warhammer 40,000 takes place in the far future where the universe is in a constant state of warfare with various races (humans, space marines, Orks, Eldar, chaos, Tau, Tyranids, Necrons), while Warhammer Age of Sigmar fits into the realm of standard fantasy. Age of Sigmar takes the standard fantasy races, elves, orcs, barbarians, goblins, ogres, knights, and turns it up a notch creating really interesting battlefield dynamics.

Inside the two universes, Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar,  there are multiple other games that allow people to access the overall worlds and hobby with varying degrees of buy in.

Inside the Warhammer 40,000 universe there are several smaller games that allow you to play without having to buy and entire army. Warhammer Kill Team is a game where small, elite teams of warriors battle for objectives. Kill Team only requires a handful of models to play, it is likely once you start a Kill Team you will eventually move into a full army for Warhammer 40,000. Additionally, there are other specialist games like Adeptus Titanicus and Necromunda which exist in the same universe but do not intersect directly with Warhammer 40,000, as Kill Team does. These other games allow people to play small games with giant robots or with gangs that grow and have much more “character development” and have more of an RPG feel.

The world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar follows a similar trend. They have a small scale game Warhammer Underworlds, that focuses on small warbands of models fighting for glory in a lost city. Warhammer Underworlds warbands can be used directly in Age of Sigmar. Additionally, they have released several set of skirmish rules that allow you to battle with just a handful of models instead of a large army. To get that narrative/RPG feel, you could play Bloodbowl which is a fantasy take on American Football. In Bloodbowl teams try to outscore each other (or just bash each other’s faces in) and gain skills and become star players.

There are even more games, like Horus Heresy and Middle Earth Strategy that allow players to explore other areas as well. If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Middle Earth would be a place to explore. The Horus Heresy explore the darkest part of the history of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

That is intense! Now what?

Another great question reader! There are literally no wrong ways to get involved in the games.

Some people really love the painting and modeling aspect of the games. They don’t play as often as others, but they love painting and crafting amazing models.

Some people love to play super competitive games where every move has significance!

Other people love the story and focus their hobbying and gaming on creating unique characters with colorful backstories.

Other people create forces from novels and stories and continue their exploits on the table top.

Some people just enjoy quickly painting their army and playing games with their forces as soon as possible.

Some folks enjoy just chatting about the games and collecting their favorite models.

You have me intrigued… where do I start?

These games are all community based. So come down to the store and talk to people. Ask questions and explore your options. The models are amazing, but can also get pricey, so you want to start with a force that you really enjoy the look and feel of, otherwise you might find yourself getting bogged down and frustrated.


Overall, the Games Workshop brand is a meant to be a hobby that people find enjoying. So come down and figure our what ways you can join the hobby!

Why should I come to The Bolter Hole?

Another great question! We are a community based store and we try to cater to a variety of different needs. First, we know how expensive it is to get started. With that in mind we offer 20% off all Games Workshop trade items, and 10% off any direct order items. This allows you to get the best deals to get started. Additionally, we have hobby materials (paints, brushes, and tools) available for customer use so new customers can start without having to purchase a lot of paint initially.

Plus we have loads of events for multiple games for Games Workshop. We have casual games, competitive tournaments, narrative campaigns, and regular events exploring lots of different games.

Stay tuned to the blog or the Facebook page for more information and posts that delve into the worlds of Games Workshop!


Chris Bradley Nurgle and Death Guard Army Showcase

Chris brought his Nurgle/Death Guard Army to the store on Wednesday and we took some photos of his creepy army. Chris has a ton of conversions mixed into his force, so let’s dive down into the puss filled world of Nurlge.

Whole Army

1. What is your history with this army?
I’ve been playing Chaos in some form or another since the start of 4th edition, going back and forth between Undivided, Khorne and Nurgle. I’ve done pretty well with it; I qualified for ‘Ard Boyz finals twice back in the day and I’ve got a good record at local tourneys and leagues. I haven’t been to many large events though.

Typhus through the ages…

2. How long have you been working on this army?

Like I said, I’ve been going back and forth between Undivided, Khorne, and Nurgle. Before recently there weren’t many pure Nurgle models to get for Chaos Marines, so most of what I had for “Death Guard” in previous editions are Undivided units painted green. Bikers, Havocs, Obliterators, and Maulerfiends in particular don’t get much use now that Death Guard are a separate codex. Most of the Death Guard here were made for 8th. I’m still working on new Plague Marines now that they can’t take Bolt Pistols.

3. Why did you pick this color scheme?

Green, Flesh, and Metal is a pretty basic scheme for Death Guard; I’m more interested in building and converting than painting, so I usually stick to Base Paints and Inks. I can’t bring myself to not paint all the details though, and the new Nurgle models certainly have a lot of those!

Likewise, the bases are just Agrellan Earth with brown paint and an ink. My (bad) basing habits kind of date the models in my army. I started off with just green paint on the base, then sawdust, then modelling sand, and the Agrellan Earth most recently.

4. What are your favorite units/models in this army?

My favorite conversions are still probably the scratchbuilt Obliterators. I built the first of them back in 4th edition and finished the full nine sometime in 5th. They’re plastic parts only, no green stuff or metal except for repairs.

Converted Havocs

I’ve been buying Rhinos second-hand and rebuilding/repainting them for a while now. The one here is what a buddy of mine wound up with when he tried to strip the tank’s paint with Acetone. He sold it to me cheap, I threw some paint on it, and I’ve been running it ever since.


Daemon Princes are a blast to make. The grumpy-looking Daemonfly Prince is a recent project, but it turned out really well. I can just imagine the never-ending stream of complaints as running commentary over the Prince clawing up a squad.

Big Grumpy Daemon Prince

5. Do you have a style of play with this army that you favor?

Get in your face and take over. Death Guard Daemon Engines can take a surprising amount of damage, and the entire army is most dangerous up-close. That does give me some trouble against armies that can beat me in a fight or shoot the Daemon Engines apart.

I win a lot of games with 90% of my army dead.

Daemonic Vehicles

Bloat Drones

6. What are your future plans for this army?

I’ve got a laundry list of units to build and paint. My next big project is going to be painting my metal Nurgle Daemons- I’ve had them for years and barely touched them! I’m taking the opportunity to rebase a 30-man unit of Plaguebearers too, which has me scraping for slotted 32mm bases.

Besides that, I’ve been working on getting the Gellerpox done, there’s a new Great Unclean One on my painting table, and I wound up with three Knights somehow. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.

Converted Armigers

7. Anything else you would like to share about your army?

Sure, I’ll share some notes on conversions. When I’m converting, I find myself sticking to a pattern: I’ll build one model normally or with a minor change, another with a moderate conversion using official models, and a third as something a scratchbuild or total conversion. The Blight Haulers and Foul Blightspawns follow that pattern, and I’ve done it with Maulerfiends, Daemon Princes, all sorts of units.

Another useful tip for infantry and other humanoid models: if a model has a pose that’s giving you trouble or the limbs you want to use seem like they’re being held awkwardly, try recreating the pose yourself. Hold up your arms and swing them around on like the bit you’re using, and then ask yourself why you’d take that pose. Physically holding the pose can help you figure out why someone would stand like that.

Three takes on the same Death Guard model

The easy-build Plague Marine holding a Bolter is a good example. It’s a real pain to convert, but there are some options for poses if you think about why someone would hold their arm that low.

Plague Bearers

Death Guard Characters

Plague Bearer Characters



Pox Walkers

Thanks for bringing in your army and sharing it with us Chris! Time to go wash our hands and get inspired by these terrific conversions!