So you want to start a new Warhammer army…?

Warhammer 40,000 Ork Army

Badmoon Orks

You have spent some time poking around and asking questions and watching some tabletop games. You are ready to make the plunge…. So, where do you start when it comes down to starting a new army?

Great question.


You have questions?

But before we answer your question we need to ask you some questions… What are you looking for? When you are thinking about games do you prefer a quick, aggressive style or do you like the idea of a longer tactical event? That matters. If you start purchasing an army that requires 100+ models to build and paint and then you discover you don’t enjoy the way a hoard army plays, that information matters.

Are you concerned about the “cool” factor of the army? Do you want the army to look awesome when arrayed against the enemy on a table? That matters. Most armies really have a great look with some amazing painting schemes, but you need to look at army colors and schemes before you make a choice so you are enjoying the entire painting process.

Blood Angels

Blood Angels are beautiful!

Are you looking to buy a full army from day one? That matters because some factions are not fully developed and don’t have that full army feel. We have no idea what the release schedule looks like and it could be a while before you get the models you want to finish the army. For example, Ossiarch Bonereapers are a new skeleton/undead army. They have loads of cool models from cool characters to artillery to Endless Spells…. but Fyreslayers (who are also cool) only have a handful of choices for their army. Both can field entire 2000 point lists… but Ossiarch’s have a better army feel.

Ossiarch Bonereapers

Undead has a new look!

Are you looking to get into an army fairly cheaply? Or is money not really an obstacle for your army build? Some armies have terrific army boxes with built in discounts. Other armies you need to grab a start collecting box as a base and build from there… For instance, every holiday GW releases holiday boxes for loads of armies. These holiday boxes have a huge chunk of an army for around 30% off the regular prices. It makes starting a new army terrifically inexpensive!

Feast of Bones

Dual army box – Bonereapers and Ogor Mawtribes

So when you are building up to starting a new army there are a lot of considerations. But it really comes down to what you want and how you imagine yourself playing. Come down to the store and talk to someone and we can help you figure out what army fits you the best!

Bolter Hole

The Bolter Hole – Massachusetts Gaming Store!

One Year Anniversary!

The Bolter Hole 1 Year Anniversary


The Bolter Hole turns One Year Old on Sunday December 1, 2019!

One year! That is so amazing and exciting!

One year of exciting Magic the Gathering Commander games!

One year of Friday Night Magic!

One year of MtG Modern every Sunday!

FNM and More

One year of Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar!

Warhammer Tournament

One year of Necromunda!

Necromunda Campaigns

Plus so many other games! We brought in some Keyforge which is a terrific game… but it sort of faded… we brought in Warhammer Apocalypse! We have a huge collection for Warcry and Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis and Warhammer Underworlds…  We have recently brought in Monsterpocalypse and Marvel Crisis Protocol.

We created a board game library so you can test out board games before you buy them…

We spend the last year working towards being the best Gaming Store in Massachusetts! I mean we have the best gaming community a Friendly Local Game Store could ask for, we really do. And the real truth is that we could not have made this first year so successful without such a great group of people here to share our store with.

We can honestly say we are blessed and we are super excited to start year number two working with such a great community! Thank you all so much!

What it means to be a Community Gaming Store

It is no secret that we want to be the best game store in the region. A lofty goal, we know, but how do we get there?

There are many answers to that question… and the truth is we don’t really know.

That seems an awfully lot like a cop out… but it’s true. Some folks exude confidence and they seem to know just the right thing to do in any given situation… That’s not us…. We have been grinding out every week, every month since we have opened.  Owning a game store is definitely not easy. But you know what… it is incredibly rewarding.

We come into the store every day and get to see people playing games. We are privileged to help people have fun and it brings us joy to see a store full of people enjoying their hobbies.

So where do we start with creating an amazing game store? Simple answer? Customers. The community evolves, it ebbs and flows, it is flexible. A game store is always a reflection of its community. We need to be able to adapt to the changing demands of the community and that requires listening and flexibility. This is why we are open and responsive on social media and email, to ensure all customers have a voice. We have created a store board game library for customers to try out new games in store for free and we allow customers access to painting and modeling supplies while building in the store. And we are ready and willing to do more, just ask us!

Another aspect to creating a great game store is cleanliness.  We all know that games stores can quickly become a hoarders paradise… piles of games and stacks of boxes in a corner… But as a former Marine, Jack likes everything to have a place and we want there to be a general sense of cleanliness. It is important to clean the bathrooms and to vacuum the floors regularly and remove the garbage when it fills.  Our goal is to ensure the store maintains a sense of cleanliness at all times.

Communication is another key component. We have all known a person who would get so anxious about bad news that they would avoid saying anything until weeks had gone by… We want to avoid that. So if there is an error or a mistake that we have made, or an order that didn’t come in, we will tell you. Good news or bad… because bad news doesn’t get better a week later.

There is another side though… the side customers don’t see. There are occasionally times when we need to make hard decision about things that occur in the store. We have to make decisions about ensuring we are maintaining a space that is safe and clean and respectable. We make those decisions and don’t publish them, but with make those decisions so that our store can be a safe, fun, and respectful place for everyone.

Nobody needs extra stress about their fun. Fun should stay fun and it is my job to facilitate getting you your hobby and gaming supplies with as little fuss as possible. We want you to come in and let us stress about the not fun stuff, so you are able to have as much fun as possible.

Thanks again!