Why terrain matters

One of the most exciting parts of wargaming is actually ponying up to a table, setting up a battle, and playing a game. After the game everyone talks about strategy and epic in game moments and what could have changed the outcome of the battle. Just one of the many great things about wargaming!

You want to know what people don’t want to talk about? Terrain. People don’t include terrain in their conversations about the game because people are focused on their heroes and units doing really well or really poorly. The terrain is in place to create an environment for gaming. Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar need terrain – but the focus is on the armies each player is using in the battle.

Terrain is there to fulfill a singular purpose, to help generate a visual environment to tell the story of player’s armies.

A game store has a responsibility to provide as many varied and complete battlefields as possible for the enjoyment of its community. Some might say the community is responsible for the care and upkeep of the terrain and tables… but that is not really true. The store has a responsibility to maintain the terrain and if it gets damaged (which will happen because people are using it) people can come together to work on it or not. The store bears the full responsibility to managing the load of terrain and repair. The Bolter Hole works on terrain and models regularly to ensure the terrain is in good shape and ready for regular play.

Currently we maintain about 20 different tables, with 6 or 7 tables ready at all time. We have more terrain for Warhammer 40,000 than we do for Age of Sigmar, but that is shifting as we build and paint more terrain for our Age of Sigmar tables. Come down and play, but please, don’t worry about the terrain. It’s our job!