March 19th Store Newletter

Below is this week’s email newsletter. We send this out once a week with information about the happenings at The Bolter Hole. If you are interested in getting this weekly update (and qualifying for a random 30$ store credit monthly drawing) sign up for the newsletter here!

Here goes!

We have been extra busy this past week with some great stuff. Paul and Olivia went to GAMA in Reno and are going to be back this week with tons of information and some neat goodies! Also, we had the carpets cleaned in the store on Sunday night. We are looking forward to another big week at the store.

We are always looking for new ideas and items to bring into the shop, so if you are looking for a specific game or product line, let us know and we will see if is something we have access to!

Here comes the weekly schedule!

The Bolter Hole Weekly Schedule:

*Free open gaming is available any time the shop is open. Our space is community space.

Wednesday March 20:

Board Game Demo: Sitting Ducks Gallery – As ducks float down the gallery, you attempt to keep your ducks alive, while trying to knockout everyone else’s ducks. This is a fun, quick game for 2-6 players. You can stop in anytime between 5-8pm

Hobby Night – We provide access to paints and hobby supplies so you can build or paint models for your own collection. We have a great crowd with a ton of experience so you can ask any questions – come down anytime between 4-8pm 

Open Gaming –  Our tables are open for any gaming you are interested in. You can set up a game in one of our Facebook groups or bring in a friend to play. We don’t have table fees and you are welcome to come down anytime. 12-8pm

Let us know if you are interested in a specific board game and we will get a demo copy and give it a try!

Thursday March 14:

D&D night 5-8pm – Our regular Dungeon Masters will be ready to go with the continuing adventures! Both of the current campaign groups are currently full, but we are planning to expand to a 3rd group, so come by, hang out, see the groups, and ask about 5th Edition D&D.

Friday March 15:

Magic the Gathering Commander 8:00pm – Come down and prove your mettle and your card slinging skills! All Friday participants enter in the Friday night rankings to see who will be the monthly champion! 10$ entry!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Narrative Campaign: The Isles of Argentinium – Week 4 of our AoS Campaign – bring any amount of points for your fantasy army and fight in the Realm of Metal. Match ups begin promptly at 7pm!

Saturday March 16:

Magic the Gathering: Ravnica Allegiance Showdown -10$ entry, 2 pm start!  

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team – We are continuing our bi-weekly Kill Team for March and April – Bring down any 100 points of Kill Team and have some fun. At the end of the April we have some great prizes to give out, as well as special game cards just for coming in. We will be matching folks up based on the number of people who arrive each Saturday and multiple games are encouraged. 

Sunday March 17:

Magic the Gathering Modern: 1pm start. 10$ buy in! The more the merrier! We are loving the participation in our Modern events on Sunday and the prize pool grows with every new face, so come down and join in for some fun and exciting games of Modern!

Keyforge Open Play Sunday: 1pm start. 

Warhammer 40,000 Speed Freaks! – Come down and join us as we race around in our Ork buggies and bikes, while trying to survive in this wacky race style game. We have 4 buggies and tons of bikes for you to use as you learn how to play this great game! 1-4pm

Other March events-

I wanted to highlight some of our longer term events! On Saturdays  though March and April we are holding our biweekly Urban Conquest Campaign and Kill Team events! Come down and roll some dice!

Sundays are full of events as well, we will be playing Speed Freaks this Sunday and as a giant finale for the month of March, we are hosting a gigantic Necromunda Survival Horror event on March 31st.

Additionally, we are supporting the Blackstone Library for an April Magic event on Thursday April 11th. This is a get started event with some “learn to play” from 4-5pm and a short tournament after, with some prize support from The Bolter Hole. Check it out if you can!

GW Pre-Orders:

This Saturday will see the pre-orders for the Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Space Marines, the Vigilus Ablaze campaign book, and several Warhammer horror books. This is the first of a couple weeks of Chaos releases. These releases fit in amazingly with the Shadowspear box set that was just released, but it is likely the Shadowspear box will sell out, so let us know if you want a box to plan for this amazing release for Chaos. The Vigilus Ablaze book will bring the Vigilus campaign forward and expand the rules for Khorne Daemons in Warhammer 40,000 and will include the Datasheets needed for you Chaos forces if you already have the first Chaos Space Marine Codex.

Warhammer 40,000
Abbadon – 60$
Chaos Space Marines – 60$
Vigilus Ablaze – 50$
Codex Chaos Space Marines – 40
Noctolith Crown Terrain – 50$
Data cards – 15$
Chaos dice – 20$

Scourge of Fate Hard Back – 27$
Maledictions – Horror Anthology Paperback- 16
Wicked and the Damned Paperback- 16$
Iron Warriors Omnibus Paperback – 18$
Perdition’s Flame – Audio Book – 17.5

Other items of note – 

If you are interested in learning to play a game (Warhammer, Magic, or other games), let us know and we can set up a time to do a small demo for you (no charge or fees)!

Ravnica Allegiance is the newest Magic set – but we are starting to take numbers for pre-release for War of Spark which will be coming in May. We also have a ton of 1$ super mystery packs for people who want to do some casual drafts! Remember, we buy and sell Magic singles, so come down and take a look at our extensive Magic singles collection!

If you know someone who is thinking about starting an after school club for Magic or Warhammer, please let us know. We are currently looking to reach out to support local school groups!

We look forward to seeing you at the shop!