Chris Bradley Nurgle and Death Guard Army Showcase

Chris brought his Nurgle/Death Guard Army to the store on Wednesday and we took some photos of his creepy army. Chris has a ton of conversions mixed into his force, so let’s dive down into the puss filled world of Nurlge.

Whole Army

1. What is your history with this army?
I’ve been playing Chaos in some form or another since the start of 4th edition, going back and forth between Undivided, Khorne and Nurgle. I’ve done pretty well with it; I qualified for ‘Ard Boyz finals twice back in the day and I’ve got a good record at local tourneys and leagues. I haven’t been to many large events though.

Typhus through the ages…

2. How long have you been working on this army?

Like I said, I’ve been going back and forth between Undivided, Khorne, and Nurgle. Before recently there weren’t many pure Nurgle models to get for Chaos Marines, so most of what I had for “Death Guard” in previous editions are Undivided units painted green. Bikers, Havocs, Obliterators, and Maulerfiends in particular don’t get much use now that Death Guard are a separate codex. Most of the Death Guard here were made for 8th. I’m still working on new Plague Marines now that they can’t take Bolt Pistols.

3. Why did you pick this color scheme?

Green, Flesh, and Metal is a pretty basic scheme for Death Guard; I’m more interested in building and converting than painting, so I usually stick to Base Paints and Inks. I can’t bring myself to not paint all the details though, and the new Nurgle models certainly have a lot of those!

Likewise, the bases are just Agrellan Earth with brown paint and an ink. My (bad) basing habits kind of date the models in my army. I started off with just green paint on the base, then sawdust, then modelling sand, and the Agrellan Earth most recently.

4. What are your favorite units/models in this army?

My favorite conversions are still probably the scratchbuilt Obliterators. I built the first of them back in 4th edition and finished the full nine sometime in 5th. They’re plastic parts only, no green stuff or metal except for repairs.

Converted Havocs

I’ve been buying Rhinos second-hand and rebuilding/repainting them for a while now. The one here is what a buddy of mine wound up with when he tried to strip the tank’s paint with Acetone. He sold it to me cheap, I threw some paint on it, and I’ve been running it ever since.


Daemon Princes are a blast to make. The grumpy-looking Daemonfly Prince is a recent project, but it turned out really well. I can just imagine the never-ending stream of complaints as running commentary over the Prince clawing up a squad.

Big Grumpy Daemon Prince

5. Do you have a style of play with this army that you favor?

Get in your face and take over. Death Guard Daemon Engines can take a surprising amount of damage, and the entire army is most dangerous up-close. That does give me some trouble against armies that can beat me in a fight or shoot the Daemon Engines apart.

I win a lot of games with 90% of my army dead.

Daemonic Vehicles

Bloat Drones

6. What are your future plans for this army?

I’ve got a laundry list of units to build and paint. My next big project is going to be painting my metal Nurgle Daemons- I’ve had them for years and barely touched them! I’m taking the opportunity to rebase a 30-man unit of Plaguebearers too, which has me scraping for slotted 32mm bases.

Besides that, I’ve been working on getting the Gellerpox done, there’s a new Great Unclean One on my painting table, and I wound up with three Knights somehow. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.

Converted Armigers

7. Anything else you would like to share about your army?

Sure, I’ll share some notes on conversions. When I’m converting, I find myself sticking to a pattern: I’ll build one model normally or with a minor change, another with a moderate conversion using official models, and a third as something a scratchbuild or total conversion. The Blight Haulers and Foul Blightspawns follow that pattern, and I’ve done it with Maulerfiends, Daemon Princes, all sorts of units.

Another useful tip for infantry and other humanoid models: if a model has a pose that’s giving you trouble or the limbs you want to use seem like they’re being held awkwardly, try recreating the pose yourself. Hold up your arms and swing them around on like the bit you’re using, and then ask yourself why you’d take that pose. Physically holding the pose can help you figure out why someone would stand like that.

Three takes on the same Death Guard model

The easy-build Plague Marine holding a Bolter is a good example. It’s a real pain to convert, but there are some options for poses if you think about why someone would hold their arm that low.

Plague Bearers

Death Guard Characters

Plague Bearer Characters



Pox Walkers

Thanks for bringing in your army and sharing it with us Chris! Time to go wash our hands and get inspired by these terrific conversions!