Connecting to The Bolter Hole on (and off) social media and beyond!

As you know, social media is a huge part of any business today. But we also know that some people just don’t frequent Facebook or Instagram. With that in mind, I wanted to reach out and share the different ways that people could connect with us.

This website and blog is a great way to connect, but it relies on frequent updates (which can sometimes get shelved if other areas get busy) – so if you frequent the website to check the schedule – Great! We keep that updated regularly! But it might also be important to join our email newsletter to get weekly event and product updates.

Additionally, we have weekly updates on Twitch and YouTube with videos and game reports.

Instagram  and email are also great ways to connect with us – (especially if you have any product questions or want us to order a product for you).

If you do enjoy Facebook and spend time there looking for gaming and hobby events, we have a list of Facebook groups and websites that will allow you directly connect with a specific gaming community (board games, miniatures, Magic, D&D, etc). Some of these groups are closed, but if you request to join, we will approve you!

Main Facebook Page – This is our main Facebook page where we share most information.

The Bolter Hole website – We have a blog and will eventually get our online store going here!

The Bolter Hole Miniature Gaming Group – Use this group for table top miniature gaming discussions!

The Bolter Hole Magic the Gathering Group – Use this group for MtG discussion and events!

The Bolter Hole Dungeons and Dragons Group – This is the place to check in for D&D info and ongoing campaign information (as well as new products and minis)!

The Bolter Hole KeyForge Group –  KeyForge is a fun and exciting card game – check in here for events and information!

The Bolter Hole Board Game Group – We have regular board game nights and are getting lots of new board games every week. Come here to post about board games!

The Bolter Hole Events – This connects you to our scheduled events on Facebook. Do you want an event that you don’t see? Contact us and we will see what we can do! It is also important to remember we have Open Gaming any time we are open (Fridays and Sunday evenings are pretty packed, but if you contact us with something, we are happy to schedule it)!

Hope to see you soon!
-Olivia, Paul, & Jack