The Bolter Hole Retail Store has officially opened for business.

Over the last week we have been bombarded with positive feedback and suggestions. The community in Bellingham has been incredibly supportive.

There are a bunch of things that have surprised me as well. I have been surprised by how many people have stopped by just to have a space to model and build and paint. We had set aside some space for people to sit and hang out, but I did not realize how important it would be for people to have a place to sit and hobby.

I have also been surprised by how immediate the response would be. While I have been thinking about running a store forever… there are so many day to day items that I did not think about: the volume of emails and messages, managing distributors, managing all of the social media (FB, Instagram, the website/blog). This is all before the ever increasing size of the to do list.

I say all of this to acknowledge that opening a store has been one of the greatest risks I have ever taken. There have only been a few times in my life that I have ever felt this excited and nervous at the same time… the birth of my daughter jumps out at me… and buying a house… but this business has so much potential to grow and do amazing things for the community. We are already starting to make plans for board game and Dungeons and Dragons nights, as well as bringing in additional games people have asked us to order.

It is all very exciting. If you get a chance, stop by 799 South Main Street in Bellingham MA, 02019 to say hello and check us out!