The Joy and Pain of Fixing Miniatures

One of the joys of miniature collecting is that once you finish something, you put it down and it is complete. You get to bring it out and play with it at your leisure. But sometimes… sometimes a finished miniature needs a fix, and while fixing a finished miniature can be a pain and take away from current projects, there is a subtle joy in a small fix job. For example, while trying to take photos for Orktober, I snapped the plastic join for my Morkanaut’s close combat arm. Initially, I figured I would just need to glue the entire arm into place. But the size of the plastic join allowed me to get a large piece of brass rod to drill and pin it. So some hobby fixing had to happen!

You can see the initial damage in the picture below. I used a large rod to pop the piece that was stuck in the arm (going from the other arm hole… which took a hot minute). Then I drilled and glued a large bit of brass rod in order to hold the weight of the arm. After the pin had been glued  the most important thing was to clamp the parts together and walk away for a few hours. Letting everything set takes some patience but it is important. After a few hours I returned and filed the parts down to ensure a smooth fit back into the model.

Viola! The model is as good as new, ready for a Warhammer 40k game, and it was satisfying to the hobbyist in me looking for a little side project to break up the overwhelming amount of terrain I have been working on lately.


Drill Drill Drill


File and smooth the join.

How’s that feel, Little Fella?

Ready for the battlefield!